About Us


The Lawton Food Bank was established on 1 August 1985, by Carter and Marilyn Crane. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a proud partner agency with the United Way of Southwest Oklahoma and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. We are located at 1819 SW Sheridan Road, in our new facility, made possible through the generosity of the McMahon Foundation.

Who We Serve

The Lawton Food Bank provides food and other items to low income people of Southwest Oklahoma. Last year, the Lawton Food Bank fed 13,682 families. That’s a total of 29,478 individual family members. That averages to the Lawton Food Bank providing food to over 1,136 families a month. We provided 1.2 million pounds of food to the hungry of Southwest Oklahoma in the last year. We also provided 175 boxes to prequalified seniors each month. The November-December timeframe is our busiest time of the year, for both need and donations. The summer months have become busy with children out of school.

Our Needs

Some of our needs are canned meats, proteins, personal hygiene items, baby food, diapers, and of course, monetary donations. Your Lawton Food Bank can feed a family of four with one dollar. With $200, we can purchase as much as 8,000 pounds of food. The donated dollar goes far at the Lawton Food Bank. Community support is our lifeline, be it through donations or volunteers, together we can fight hunger and feed hope daily.